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A contemporary dining room can be a sleek and elegant room in which to entertain your guests. Whether you are starting with a new home as a blank slate or updating a traditional dining room, you can create a sophisticated space by painting the walls and establishing a focal point, choosing the right flooring materials and textiles, and purchasing modern dining room furniture and light fixtures. The goal of modern design is to reduce visual clutter and maintain clean lines.

1. Update the flooring. Replace worn carpeting with polished hardwood, or opt for contemporary carpet squares or natural stone tile. If you decide on a hard flooring surface, protect it from scratches from sliding dining chairs by laying down a modern rug. Choose a solid-color rug, or try a striped or geometric pattern.

2. Create an accent wall. Paint one wall of your dining room an eye-catching shade such as orange, brick red or lime green. To introduce pattern and texture, hang wallpaper with a contemporary pattern. Further establish the wall as a focal point by hanging a large modern painting or a grouping of black and white photographs.

3. Purchase modern dining room furniture. Avoid tables and chairs with too many elaborate details; instead, look for pieces that feature clean lines. Glass-topped tables are popular, as are solid wood and stainless steel. All your dining chairs should match to avoid the shabby-chic effect. If you have the space, purchase a modern dining console in which to store your china and other items.

4. Install a contemporary light fixture above your dining table. Choose from brushed nickel or chrome finishes; if you prefer a softer look, choose a drum-shaped fabric shade. There are also many modern light fixtures made of glass, but avoid the dated crystal chandelier look.

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